Out of the Box - TV Industry Hackathon

The Event

Out of the box logo square'Out of the Box' was a three day hackathon event organised by the TV Triangle - a UK Television and Media trade body. The event was a weekend long innovation marathon, with teams attempting to come up with interesting new ideas about how consumers interact with TV and digital media technology.

Teams worked around the clock towards a presentation that was assessed by a panel of TV Industry judges for an assortment of fantastic prizes.


The Brief

iBurbia had to provide a meeting venue, workrooms and demonstration facility for a weekend long, TV focussed hackathon event. Use of iBurbia's comprehensive TV tech and services was required, making it the ideal venue. The client is the UK television trade body for the West of London, the TV Triangle and the participants were creative and tech developers from the TV industry, the web and various android, and RasberryPi development communities.


  • The venue had to cater for several teams, each requiring their own spaces to work comfortably for several days.
  • To reflect the theme of the event, the latest media technology was to be spread across the various breakout rooms requiring infrastructure guarantees such as multiple internet connections, video screens and accompanying technical support.
  • Access to the latest media technology and subscriptions to the TV services was needed to provide the attendees with the means to explore and test ideas and concepts on live devices.
  • Organisation with the co-hosts, nearby business meeting venue Club Workspace, required well planned scheduling and communication between the two venues.








  • Being the only venue in the UK providing access to such a comprehensive array of the latest media tech, as well as internet connections and presentation facilities, iBurbia studios was the obvious choice for the TV Triangle hosted event.
  • The building was set up to accommodate several groups of creatives and techies, with catering and hospitality services supporting the event throughout.
  • With a technical set up, comes technical support. iBurbia's own tech team were on hand to make sure things ran smoothly and assistance was provided where neccessary.


  • Teams were received by iBurbia and provided with name tags before being show to a communal area for an introductory welcome talk.
  • iBurbia's presentation facilities were used to run a series of slideshows detailing the agenda for the weekend.
  • Food and drink was provided throughout for attendees through the weekend (some of whom did not leave the building for the duration!)
  • iBurbia's high tech studios were more than able to support the tech teams who worked around the clock coding and hacking towards the finale of what was a fantastic weekend event.






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